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With such volatility on Wall Street and in the property market, what sort of fool would want to buy a house or an apartment? Lenders are looking for people that have squeaky clean credit records and are looking for substantial down payments. Why tie up your money on the roller coaster property market?If you build in some bad credit history into your desires for home ownership, you can forget it now in today’s lending market.

Apartment rental without credit checkToday, especially with some bad credit history it’s much cheaper and safer to rent. What if you have bad credit though? How can you rent an apartment then? Well there are many landlords that will do no credit check rent. Some landlords just want to see proof you have a job, not some number that pops out of some faceless computer!

A landlord wants a good tenant and no credit check apartment rental is fine for him. If you want a rent no credit check agreement keeps away from agents, look in the paper for a private landlord who has always done a rent no credit check apartment rental. 

Rent an apartment without offering credit checks

Any landlord would prefer to collect some rent than own a property is empty, as long as he has your bond or damage deposit for his own security.

Its rare an agent will consider a deal to rent a home with no credit check as they are fussy about  getting paid their commission and like to purchase insurance against not getting their credit check apartment

Look at cards in news agents for homes for rent no credit check, in the area you would like your lease to be. For example landlords in Newport, Atlanta and Charlotte have large amounts of property that needs some private tenants, and some of them may consider a lease to own no credit check agreement too.

Landlords with town homes in Tampa, Richmond, Orlando, Jacksonville, Las Vagas and Phoenix can sometimes be fussier, but if you have some savings, even with a bad credit history, you can offer the landlord the security of a bigger down payment, or even get the rent down by paying the whole 12 months lease in full in advance.

Once you are registered at your new townhome address, you could consider getting a credit agreement for a rent to own furniture package. You don’t really want to sleep on someone else’s old bed do you? Rent no credit check apartments are out there.